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Security Alarm Monitoring Sydney


Alarm monitoring is one of the most important security processes. In many cases, security is compromised because alarm sounds get neglected. Sentinel Security Group will not let that happen to you. Our specialised team provides alarm monitoring solutions in Sydney that are reliable, trustworthy, and have a long life.


Firstly, our engineers and technicians will have a complete overview of the site and explore the current security systems. If an upgrade is needed, the client will be notified. Based on this, systems will be upgraded and the client will be briefed upon the equipment.


Our qualified and experience technicians can recommend, design and commission systems with state-of-the-art technology. After carrying out a site inspection to assess our clients needs, we source the equipment in compliance with all Australian standards and regulations and supplied to our clients.

We can then conduct the management and maintenance of the systems including: Close-circuit television, Intercoms, Security Audits and Design, Patrol recorder system, Alarm panels, Security fencing and lighting, Alarm monitoring, Security key and access control.




CCTV or Close Circuit Television is one of the oldest and the best methods of alarm monitoring in Sydney. Sentinel Security Group has the expertise in installing and maintaining these systems at every level.



Intercoms are essential to communicate between security personnel and sometimes, with a 3rd party. We use the best intercom systems available to facilitate quick and sharp communication among our personnel and clients.



Sentinel Security Group will perform scheduled security audits and make sure that nothing goes wrong. Based on the audits, reports will be generated and presented to the client. This will help us improve our own security services while providing an insight of our perspectives to our clients.


Alarm panels

Alarm panels will be installed at required areas.


Fencing and lighting, Key access

Fencing and lighting will also be done to maximise security if needed. Access control systems will also be installed if the client needs them.

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