Sentinel Security Group

Where can security guards be effective?

Security guards are an effective resource when looking to protect a particular asset or provide a safe environment at a public event. Whether you are a small office or whether you require a team of security guards to keep order at a football game, Sentinel Security Group has you covered. No job is too small or large for us to professionally carry out your required tasks.

Below is a list of areas where having guards present can be effective.

Office Security

Many businesses opt to have on-site guards to look over the office for security. The benefit of having our fully qualified guards watch over your office during business hours or after-hours helps to identify threats and deter any potential intrusions. Our guards are trained to provide first-aid and will be first on the scene when dealing with scenarios such as intrusions, robberies, fires and medical emergencies.

Public Events

Public events can range from concerts, sporting events or even a local market. All these high-traffic, public events require security to keep order and react to an intrusion or upset within the event immediately. Security guards are a crucial part of any event’s security plan and you can rest assured knowing you will have a team of highly skilled and professional guards helping achieve a safe and secure environment for your event.

Building Security

Security guards for a building or site are not only useful as a visual deterrent but also facilitate property tasks such as car park management, perimeter patrols, and more. We make sure to understand the layout of your building or site, your procedures, and what you want out of a security team. We assess where we would be most effective to keep your asset/s secure.

If you’d like more information on our security guards feel free to contact our team.