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What are static security guards and how can they help protect your assets?

Static security guards are security personnel who are responsible for providing on-site security at a fixed location, such as an office building, residential complex, or industrial facility.

Static security guards help protect your assets in several ways:

  • Deterrence: The mere presence of a static security guard can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Knowing that a trained and alert security guard is on-site can discourage criminals from attempting to enter the property.
  • Access control: Static security guards can monitor who enters and exits the property, ensuring that only authorised individuals are allowed to enter. This can be done through identity verification, screening, or by checking credentials.
  • Emergency response: In case of an emergency, static security guards can quickly respond to the situation and take the necessary action to mitigate the risk. They can also communicate with first responders and guide them to the location of the emergency.
  • Surveillance: Static security guards can monitor the property using various security technologies such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and motion detectors, and respond to any suspicious activity.
  • Customer service: In addition to their security duties, static security guards can provide customer service to visitors, employees, and residents of the property. They can answer questions, provide directions, and offer assistance, creating a positive image for the property.

Static security guards are assigned to specific sites to carry out duties such as patrolling grounds, monitoring entrances and exits, monitoring CCTV, keeping track visitors’ movements and ensuring the safety of Clients. By hiring static security guards through Sentinel Security, property owners can ensure that their assets are protected and that their visitors and employees feel safe and secure at all times.