Sentinel Security Group


Security guards provide an added layer of security, giving you peace of mind knowing your building or asset is well protected. However, security guards are only as good as their training. When choosing security guards, these are some key characteristics to look for.

Skills in First Aid

Security guards are frequently among the first to arrive on the scene in the event of an injury or other medical emergency. In these cases, first aid training will be critical. CPR certification and the ability to offer basic wound care are two abilities that are crucial in choosing a security company.

Our team consists of highly-trained officers who provide the highest level of security for the assets that are most important to you. Get in touch with Sentinel Security Group to put our security solutions to work for you!

Knowing Emergency Procedures

Our Security Staff are carefully selected and inducted for each and every site they work on. We make sure they are fully equipped with the procedures that are needed if something occurs. These can range from a fire evacuation all the way to a break-in. 

Administrative and Organisational Skills

While organisation and record-keeping skills aren’t the first things that come to mind when considering what a security guard does, they are critical to a security officer’s success. The ability to correctly observe and document suspicious behavior is one of the most critical tasks of any security officer. It’s also critical to organise these records appropriately so that they can be easily found afterwards for compliance and to recognise patterns and weak security points