Sentinel Security Group

Why Mobile Security Patrols Are Effective

Sentinel Security Group offers 24-hour, 7-day-a-week patrols to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.  All security patrol officers have a vast knowledge of their patrol area and the sites. Sentinel Security Group provides the best security patrol services in Sydney and here are a few reasons why Mobile Security is an effective security measure.

Visual Deterrent

The presence of a mobile patrol officer is immeasurable as it gives your site/building an additional layer of visual security and adds another level of difficulty for future break-ins and intruders.

It secures a greater area of your premises

Mobile security patrols are effective for covering a vast area in a small timeframe. This Security Solution is beneficial for large-scale sites or in scenarios requiring an immediate response.

It provides an immediate response to an alarm

Having a mobile patrol car protect your building or site, gives you the ability to have short response times if an alarm goes off or a break-in occurs. This in turn can minimise the amount of damage and/or items an intruder can take.

If you are in the market for a new mobile security company and choose Sentinel Security Group, rest assured you’ll have a company that has the experience and expertise to fulfill your every patrol requirement.