Sentinel Security Group

Concierge Isn’t Just About Basic Tasks

Here at Sentinel Security Group, we offer services not just in the security sector but offer Concierge services for Hotels, residential buildings, and more. Our Concierge services are not just available in Sydney but in Melbourne too.

A concierge supervises all elements of a resident’s stay. It is their job to make all residents feel welcomed, respected, and cared for at all times during their stay, and they are sometimes referred to as “guest service representatives.”

Residential concierge serves as a vital link between the establishment and the residents. They represent and promote the company’s principles and in many respects, serve as the company’s face in terms of resident communication.

Concierge services are available in many apartment buildings. Typically, these services were only available as a benefit in the most opulent apartments but are now becoming a more common amenity in most apartment buildings these days.

What Makes Us Different ?

Sentinel Security Group’s concierge staff will get to know each resident and learn their names in order to give individualised services. They’ll also remind residents about planned community events, let them know when mail or packages arrive, and make sure that all visitors and guests are approved by the building’s residents. This isn’t where the services stop. Our staff are able to assist in minor repairs by providing residents details of relevant authorised contractors of their buildings and can also be the point of contact for Contractors. Our concierge staff isn’t just hands on with residents but with building managers too. They work closely with Building Management Teams, Security Officers and more, as we believe working as one team is the most efficient and effective way so the residents have the best possible experiences.