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6 Key roles of a Building Concierge

Sentinel Security Groups concierge division is made up of highly professional and friendly staff that are there purely to enhance the quality of residents living experience. Listed below are six key roles in which a building concierge performs on a daily basis.

Making Reservations

Life can get busy sometimes, and the little task of making reservations can be tedious. One of the roles a concierge can do for residents is to make reservations on their behalf as well as provide local knowledge about events in the area.

Liaise between Building Management and Residents

Concierge sometimes acts as a middle person between residents and building management. An example of this would be if a resident notices a faulty button on a lift. This information would be relayed from a resident to the concierge, who would then notify the building manager to resolve this issue with a contractor.

Package Management

Sometimes there can be a building with 100 or more units, and with this comes many packages being delivered every day. From residents to building management, the concierge staff may receive packages for residents, that should be collected by residents within the day.

Assist Residents in Moving In and Out

Another role concierge staff undertake is to assist residents with move-in and move-out within the building. They can help arrange removalists, organise a dedicated lift for you to move your furniture, and arrange parking for removalist trucks.

Greetings to Residents

This may seem like one of the simpler roles, but a simple acknowledgment and greeting to a resident can create a positive environment and make the resident, guest, or contractor feel welcome in the building.

Signing in/out Guest and Contractors To The Building

With a large amount of foot traffic through a residential apartment building, guests and contractors are a common occurrence. So, concierge staff make sure guests and contractors are all signed into the premise to maintain security.

As you can see, the role of a concierge is far greater than just being a welcoming face in a building.

If you require a concierge team for your building, please do not hesitate to contact the professional team at Sentinel Security Group.